Monday, 9 April 2012

Smash Books . . .

Ok, so I learnt something this weekend!
I was talking to my friend Chrissy yesterday about a book I was going to make with my bind-it-all, to throw stuff in about our Family Ski Trip planned later this year.  She said "Oh, a Smash Book".  I went "huh, never heard of them"!!  So, I did what all good internet users do . . . I googled 'smash book'!!

Today, I made my first smash book!
Check it out!!

Pages in the book - from my stash of all sorts of papers I had lying around!  Lots of old Creative Memories papers!

Images ready to colour for the front and inside pages . . .

The front of the book finished, ready to fill up the inside (still got lots of pics to colour!).
The image on the front is from Saturated Canary - Winnie, A Road-tripping Raggamuffin.  These are digital images available from here, and Krista's fabulous blog is here.

Here is a close up of the image . . . I thought I should go all out and use ALL colours!!

Finally, I thought you might like to see a pic of my 'Creative Mess'

Well, that's all from the ScrapCave for this weekend.
Have a great week, Chat soon.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

The ScrapCave

Some of my friends have been asking for photos of my new scrapping space, since I have recently moved it.

I now call it the 'ScrapCave' because it fits into a tiny 3.5 X 2.0m space.  It is actually the unused entry hall at our front door!  John had set it up for himself, to use for working with his electronic stuff . . . but now he has all his PA and stuff in a big shed (His ManCave!!), I have moved in to his old space.

Here are some pictures for you . . .

Well, that is where I am heading now, to see what I can create before Mum & Dad visit for lunch.
See you later.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

My New Blog

Hi All

Well, it is time that I start blogging again, and since I have updated my google information, it has become easier to create an entirely new blog, so I can log in with all my new details.  With this new blog comes the plan to keep you all updated with what is happening with my Crafty Life in the ScrapCave.

So, hold me to it . . . weekly updates at least :)

This weekend I have been CyberCrafting with my dear friend Chrissy . . . go check her out at Christine's Creative Capers she is inspiring.

So, this is what I ahve been up to so far . . .

I created a "Handbag" for my desk. I love the black and bright pink!

I it made from papers left over from a project I had for the scrapbook shop I work in, Scrap2Relax.

I created a 'bind-it-all' book (well a few actually!!) . . .  this one is for keeping a record of the stamps that I have.

Still more time to create, I wonder what else I will get up to?
Come and visit again to see :)

Happy Crafting,